What The JackFruit, Dwight? #MLL050

What The JackFruit, Dwight? #MLL050

What The JackFruit, Dwight? #MLL050
Music Love Life

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What The JAckfruit, Dwight? #MLL050

Episode #050

After an unexpected hiatus the gang is back and as off-color as ever. Thanksgiving has come and gone but Christal and B-Honest think Kevin might’ve missed the holiday all together with his alkaline Thanksgiving menu. Kevin was thankful for his Jackfruit, wild rice, and vegetable medley but Christal and B-Honest were back on that Popeyes fried turkey. The boys have Dwight Howard’s back but Christal feels his down low chickens have come to roost. She also wants a jewelry tray with 6 engagement rings. Kevin finds a discrepancy in the relationship between multiple diamonds and singular kitty, even if it has had the miles rolled back.

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