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What Reggy Was in the Womb

The No Nonsense Show Episode #614

Why do men have a seam in between their balls? Everyone apparently has one. Almost none of us have had ball surgery. So who can explain this line? Reggy can. He knows exactly why we have that seam. He remembers the womb. He remembers earlier days when he was trying to decide if he was going to even be a Reggy. I think he made the wrong choice.

Mack wants to know if your mate was 100% now faithful, would you want to know if they always were? You can guarantee that they will never cheat on you in the future. Can your mind rest in that without knowing if she ever did?

Is God for the BLM movement or against it? Jonathan Isaac got hurt immediately after not kneeling for black lives in the name of God. What does that mean?

What Reggy Was in the Womb #TNNS614

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