What Is White Woke #TNNS440

What Is White Woke #TNNS440

Episode #440

What I learned about Jaye Smooth is that he is funny when he is around minimum wage workers. I guess it is safe to say that poor people enjoy his humor. If you enjoy his humor, you may be poor. At the same time Jamie Mack cares more about Dominoes than the show. Jaye Smooth accused him of sending sick pics.

I try to rally the troops to make sure everyone is voting, but everyone calls me out for not voting. I still want you guys to vote...even if I don't. 

More importantly, Mack wants to know whether or not you can go back to sleep once you are "woke"? In my eyes, not possible. We navigate this topic to whether woke even means anything anymore. Most woke people are not that woke...unless woke means racist. Then pretty much all of them are. I think I hear the train on the horizon. But I just want to know if white people can be "woke"? And if so, are they pro-white or pro-black? 


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