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What Do You Mean He Likes To Put His Finger In His Own Butt? #TNNS44

We received a call from Sugar in our show voicemail. She has an issue with her soon to be ex-boyfriend. He likes to do things that are sexually outside of the normal scope of behavior that she considers masculine. She requests to come on the show to speak with us. She wants to figure out if this is the way of the world or if there is really something wrong with her man.

Honorary host, O Dub has a few stories of his own that get the caller excited. So it becomes hard to tell if she is really questioning the dude she is dating or just mad because he hurt her emotionally.

It turns out this dude is not really handling other business in the relationship. He has been physical with her and does not take care of her sexual needs. So she decides to record him doing some far out things with her new brighter LED camera phone.

This dude is into golden showers, brown showers (never heard of that), pegging, butt play, licking fingers after butt play, licking toys no matter the shape, licking his own skeet, and more.

After we decide whether or not this is something we want to actually see, Jamie Mack and O Dub request the video. B Honest and Jaye Smooth don't want to have anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, the guy has no idea that Sugar has an agenda. She plans to send the video to ex-wives and current girlfriends. Even though he is a freak, this is not cool.

Jaye Smooth denies any acceptance of this behavior completely. Jamie Mack and B Honest agree that being a little freaky with your woman is okay. Of course, O Dubb is down for almost anything heterosexual. In the en, they make more jokes than the caller was probably comfortable with. But hey, this is the No Nonsense Show....


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