You are currently viewing What Do You Give To A Person Who Has Nothing #BoBs009

What Do You Give To A Person Who Has Nothing #BoBs009

Episode #9

KingKunta is selling his house in Dallas. He is selling his home in Oakland, as well. He is also officially selling out. LA Bron is arguably his favorite player of all time (watch out, Mike). He takes shots at Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott, and Steph Curry. However, he holds a special warm and moist place for the G.O.A.T. LeBron.

Pariah/Savior Colin Kaepernick gets some love form the players of Madden. Bring back Kaep! And they did. EA Sports is not above correcting their wrongs.

Adult Swim knows how to support their creators. Kunta gives props to Cartoon Network in how they handle social issues.

How much should a celebrity donate to a person affected by a tragedy? More than they need or just enough to handle the issue at hand? This is where we totally disagree. Steph Curry gave a mother whose daughter was murdered 21k and Kunta is mad. Not enough.



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