What Do You Call A Man That Dresses That Way?

Episode #546 Automation is all around us. Jamie Mack tells us about a woman that was in the middle of being a victim of domestic violence and used Alexa to call the police. Is automation and technology killing us or absolutely necessary? Smooth feels like they should chip everyone and this would clean up the sex trafficking issue.Can anyone fix trafficking? Maybe we need a governor to clean up trafficking or at least how it exists now.

Smooth feels like people that offend him shouldn't feel offended by him being offended. Huh? I feel the same way. This is actually Mack's topic, but Smooth ran with it. Let me ask you...what kind of man takes a long time to get ready, pays extreme attention to what other men are wearing or doing, and also is a host on this show? If you said gay...

What Do You Call A Man That Dresses That Way? #TNNS546


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