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What Are The Floyd’s Going To Do With 7 Million Dollars?

The No Nonsense Show Episode #598

So you already told me that you refuse to eat lab created steak. Sure, it has less of a carbon footprint. Sure, it will be free from the sickness of farm life. But, it will cost more. Okay. I'm fine with you passing on it.

But now they are GMOing mosquitos. Not for eating, but for sex. The male mosquitos will go out and kill off the female skeeter. The females have the sickness. As usual, the males have to tidy the place up.

Jamie Mack has seen countless celebs donate money to the families of the slain at the hands of police brutality. He is wondering when enough will be enough. There is only so much money a family can handle. Based on last year's taxes, what type of gap is there going to be between last year's taxes and this year's taxes? Either way, please stop donating to the family.

What Are The Floyd's Going To Do With 7 Million Dollars? #TNNS598

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