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We Don’t Want No Stinking Black History Month #TNNS57

Jaye Smooth shows off his excitement about his daughter’s birthday. And his fear of his bread basket not being big enough for future endeavors. This takes us into No Nonsense Trivia. Jaye Smooth finally gets more than one correct. Either way, Jaye Smooth is feeling more intellectually rotund.

B Honest Is trying to figure out what everyones limits are on spending money when dating. Is there a cutoff amount on what you will spend before you feel like you are owed something in return?

I feel like I have been out of the dating game too long. I don’t know if most women would agree to the small amount of money I am willing to spend. Surprisingly, my amount is higher than anyone else on the show.

Jaye Smooth is not sure if he would be able to date a woman that stutters. As if he has standards. So far we have determined that they only need to have kids and use condoms for oral sex. Now we add to the list that a woman who stutters will not get play.

Jaye Smooth breaks the condition down to his brain going faster than the words coming out. There is a disconnection between the nerves (huh???) system and his embryos, neutrons, and atoms misfiring (his words).

Do we have to suffer through another Black History Month? Is there really a point in allowing them to offer us a month? Isn’t it time that we just mix the history and cultural teachings? The fact that in 2015 we still get issued a month is a telling sign that civil rights has fallen short. It is a shame that every year we learn about Martin Luther King and the lesser known inventors that happened to be black. I don’t need HBO to show all black movies this month to validate the part of me that is black.

I prefer to just not have the month....


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