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Distracted Driving
No such thing as a mid-life crisis
Sex in someone else's house

Jamie Mack drove halfway across the country while doing something else. Eating, singing, dancing, reading, texting, and sleep were all done while operating a 2-ton death machine. Don't worry, he graduated from distracted driving school. In just a few years driving with his knee, he has cultivated a keen ability to drive while doing other normally involved tasks.

We send out condolences and respect to one of our extended family member's families. They just lost their younger brother. We wanted to let them know that we care about them and wish their family our blessings in their healing time.

We are destined to debunk the mid-life crisis tag that many middle-aged men are given. Buying black diamond earrings, playing lots of basketball, or buying a convertible sports car are not signs of someone trying to be young. It is the sign of someone who is still alive. Middle-aged guys everywhere rejoice in the knowledge that The No Nonsense Show encourages you to enjoy your life however you see fit. If you want to wear skinny jeans, get a Mohawk, and go to the club, do it.

We can't end the show without talking about sex. We consider the rules for having sex at someone else's house. Being a guest means you have to laugh at all of your friend's dumb jokes. You have to watch what they want to watch on tv. You even have to pretend to like their bad ass kids. So when it is time to retire to the small bedroom you were given, is it okay to bless their house with hot sweaty sex? We think so. But let's talk about rules....


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