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We Can’t Accept This Money #TNNS70

I start off the show with a rundown on Tidal. Is anybody really excited about helping top list artists get more money from streaming music? And why would we pay so much for it? 20 dollars is an extreme amount to pay for a monthly service that doesn't even feature that many artists. I don't think it matters that you are giving away 3% equity either. Neither I nor any of my artists will receive 3%. Get real, Jay-Z. Make it make sense or stop playing with us.

The regular version of No Nonsense Trivia is back. I battle Jaye Smooth in what promises to be a face-off for the ages.

Jaye Smooth brings a really serious topic to the show. For the second time in only a couple of months, one of his friends passes. Both of these guys were under 40. This death was at a high cost. This particular friend did not have his life insurance in order. Being that Jaye sells life insurance, he takes this very hard. He brings his mentor on the show to discuss the importance of life insurance and dispell some silly rumors about insurance salesman.

If you have any questions about life insurance you can contact:

Tyron Williams


We end the show off discussing whether or not it is okay to accept money from your wife or girlfriend's ex. Here is the scenario: Her ex-boyfriend died and left your woman 1 Million dollars in his will. Do you allow your woman to accept the gift?...


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