We Are The Better Us #TNNS515

Episode #515 French Reggy flexes his Premium muscles. He is the originator of the premium roar at the beginning of each Friday show. One thing is for sure, the more Reggy talks the more he inches out. Wait until you hear him explain. How many flame emojis is lex Steele? Reggy knows and feels adamant about his qualifications. Segue from porno to serious stuff like taxes…Or cancel culture. What’s better than a Jaye smooth topic? A French Reggy topic. With cancel culture seemingly still on the rise, how do we combat its prevalence? Our show is hardly for the faint of heart. What does it mean for us to stay as potentially offensive as we always have been? Does cancel culture really make a difference? How is cancel culture even a thing considering who our president is? Jaye smooth says just put your big boy pants on. He feels like if he can handle how badly we treat him on the show, all of the offended people need to toughen up.

What happens to your soul when you “die”? Does it die too? Does it dissipate back into the ether? What’s the point of that? Are you satisfied with that explanation or do you hope that scientists figure out a way to upload your consciousness into a computer storage device? Obviously, once the tech catches up, they can download you into a human-like body. Rarely do I ever ruffle Jamie Mack’s feathers. But he gets ruffled on this one. Jamie Mack is so caught up on AI rising up and taking over our culture. I am convinced That our evolution is us becoming the better us.


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