You are currently viewing We Are Not Keeping A Rape Baby #TNNS100 with Guest Snowflake

We Are Not Keeping A Rape Baby #TNNS100 with Guest Snowflake


Jaye Smooth's birthday and how we punish him
Jaye Smooth vs Snowflake in No Nonsense Trivia
What things would you do regardless of the risk
Whether or not to abort a rape baby

 We start the show off talking about Jaye Smooth’s birthday. He wanted to make sure we got to hear how much fun he had while the show suffered. Jaye Smooth confesses that he is the smarter twin. Yes, Jaye is a twin…There are two of him. Goodness!
Somehow we turn his birthday celebration into punishment about his Primerica connections. It turns out Jaye missed the recording of our show to go to a Primerica convention. He was tricked into spending 75 dollars to see the CEO for 3 and one-quarter minutes. But this is why he came into the studio crunk off the meters.
Snowflake and Jaye Smooth battle in No Nonsense trivia sponsored by Kit.
Jamie Mack brings up the surfer who was almost eaten by a great white shark during a competition. He turns this into a discussion about what things we would do even if there were a high risk. Is there anything you would do regardless of the risk?
Last we bring back Drama From A Follower. A woman was raped by a coworker during a work retreat just after her boyfriend had sex with her. The woman ended up being pregnant and now they don't know who the baby belongs to. You will have to tune in to hear how we stand on this one.



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