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Watch Out…Jamie Mack Is Hiding In The Bushes #TNNS58

I start off the show today speaking of the misuse of the word “hater”. What do you think makes a person a hater? Is it even possible to be a hater? What about having an opinion? I think that people have found a way to just make the star of their movie acceptable by knocking down anyone who has a negative opinion about them.

I actually believe in criticism to help mold whatever it is I am doing. In fact, I try to apply whatever criticism I am given to see if it is even feasible. If it does work, I try to implement it. If the criticism doesn't work, I kindly disregard.

Either way, if I really believe in what I am doing and keep getting negative feedback, I don't change my product. I change my audience.

Next Jamie Mack admits to being a stalker at one point in his life. Yes, he has actually followed a girlfriend to make sure she wasn’t cheating. I am talking about hiding in bushes, tapped text messages, and other subterfuge. What do you think qualifies as stalking?

For the next segment, we discuss having to leave the US and live abroad. Where would you go? Maybe the beach? Maybe the Middle East? I think that the US is the best place to live according to my current expectations. But there are several areas that interest me.

Jamie Mack will never go to Africa because he thinks it is third world. I must admit that Africa (Egypt) has some of the most gangster flies in the world. Once you get used to that, your money stretches long in Africa.

Last we get into a conversation about failing to launch. Is there an age that requires that you get out of your parents home and forge your own hole in the ground? Is this just an American thing or is this something that happens around the world?

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