Wasaah Ma Niguaw

Episode #552 French Reggy has been in China for a year and still doesn’t know how to speak the language other than racial slurs. We take it upon ourselves to help him learn some pimpin' phrases in Chinese. Perhaps this will take his China game up to the 'nother mother f'in level. I guess it doesn’t matter considering he pulls out even when wearing condoms.

Reggy has become a real life French Connection. It seems that he is the connection between Nigeria and China when it comes to getting every Nigerian baby in a fresh diaper.

I try to get us on topic but the ADHD is strong in this one. Mack, I mean. He is mad at me because I refuse to continue exposing smooth for his inaccuracies. Until Mack begins to call out Smooth and everyone else for their BS, I will just assume that all of smooth's philosophical rants are factual.

Mack dabbles in infidelity when faced with being trapped behind the red curtain of China's closed borders. How long would you give him? Sidenote: I think I have discovered a good reason for men to cheat on wives or at least a great reason for wives to step it up.

Wasaah Ma Niguaw #TNNS552


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