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Vent To Prevent

Vent To Prevent

The No Nonsense Show Episode #581

Am I my brother’s keeper? I thought I was, but the live room wasn’t feeling that. We all go through our trials and tribulations and sometimes we need to be able to vent to our fellow man or woman (we aren’t sexist). There have been studies linking keeping things inside and high stress heart attacks. So let me yell at you for a while and get it off of my chest. No hard feelings.

Speaking of hard, French wants to know when the far reaches of porn will stop. The newest genres are getting a little uncomfortable for him. He can be watching a good old fashioned gang bang and somebody will slip a bi-gangbang into his watch queue…without his knowledge. Where are our limits?

Mack is feeling the outdoors calling him. His newfound love for guns has him wanting to learn everything about the backwoods and how to rough them in case of world fallout. I am not sure I can kill an animal yet. But that doesn’t mean a human should break into my house. I will shoot you just because you know better.

Vent To Prevent #TNNS581

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