Vegans Are Torturing Plants And I Can Hear Them Scream #TNNS323

Episode #323

You know what the world needs? More sociopaths. Sure, the world wouldn't last very long. But for a little while, the world would be a place that Jamie Mack could really agree with. He seems to think I am a sociopath because I am cold and lack empathy. Sure, I don’t get emotional hearing about someone’s family member death. Is that so cold? Even if I didn't know them?

Either way, Mack feels like the world is too emotional. And it needs some cooling off.


There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t hear some pompous vegan telling me how my meat-eating habits are unhealthy. Or how I am cruel to animals. “Do you know how those chickens are forced to live? Piled on top of each other and deformed?” Hold on there, Kemosabe. What you are doing may be healthier, but not for the plant. You are destroying the plant kingdom and based on new discovery, it may actually hurt just as bad. Plants have feelings, butthole.


Are we victims of our environment, or do we pick our groups based on who we want to be? That is the question of our third topic. Since very early in our show, we have all agreed that some people need to be left behind. Even though slavery existed. Even though crack happened. Even though Welfare broke up our families. We still have a choice when it comes to heading down the “wrong” path. But what if we pick the path because we actually want to head that way? I can see your brain prepared to explode. See you inside....


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