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Vax For The Variant

Black On Both Sides
Vax For The Variant

Black On Both Sides Episode #126

Lebron has made it to millionaire status and we want to congratulate him on his past and future success. I do believe that he has bent to social force, but maybe that is why he is now a billionaire. Kyrie, on the other hand, has no social graces and may be out of an endorsement deal with Nike if he doesn’t learn to “play ball”.

How about that high school player that is about to get an endorsement deal before he even plays a down of college football? Is there no limit to booster and agent BS? Someone needs to protect young men like this one. Then on the other hand, he may be getting millions of dollars in endorsements. Most of us will never see that at one time. More power to you.

Bill Cosby wants payback for his jail time. I think this is very interesting because he is definitely the type of person that earns money just from being a free man. So now who is responsible for his lost funds?

Kunta wants to take this opportunity to encourage all listeners who have not been vaccinated, to make the decision to do so. He feels that the Delta Variant has changed the playing field and creates a more increased chance of becoming infected. He adds that you may get COVID but you won’t die!

Vax For The Variant #BOBS126

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