Vasectomies Instead Of Condoms #TNNS359

Episode #359
Jamie Mack recently visited a church that was like no other church he had visited before. No, nothing freaky. Unless you consider white people doing all the singing in church freaky. He looked around and noticed that none of the important people in the building were black. Preacher, white. Choir director, White. Choir, white. Stage actors, white. There were a few black people scattered through the audience. This became overwhelming for him as he started to question just who he was following down the road to salvation. I guess I feel like following anyone is a mistake. Enough about me and my blasphemy. Mack allowed his ADHD to take over and then started to think about all of the situations in his life where he doesn't see people that look like him leading him somewhere. Tribalism teaches us to not trust the man that looks different. Obviously, we are not following that. I want to encourage black people to grow our tribe in an effort tone day tilt the scales a little more in our favor.
French Reggy, in an effort to show just how millennial he is, decides that he and his friends should just vasectomies instead of wearing protection. Then, when they are ready, get the tubes connected back up. Voila, babies. This is actually a really bad idea because there is a pretty steep drop off for reconnection after 5 years. And we all know how forgetful Millennials are. French Reggy would miss his date and be stuck with the inability to have kids. I ended up having the procedure done just before Kit and I got married. I just felt like ti wasn't my choice to make. You’re going to love this. I wanted to leave it up to God. ...


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