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Value of the D

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Value of the D

The No Nonsense Show Episode #692

We ll know that the least self aware person on our show is Smooth. French makes him self conscious just before we started recording. Do women care if a man is fat? Maybe not, but it isn’t a plus…unless you mean plus size. He pulls out photos from the early 2000s when he was “skinny”. French strikes again when he notices that Smooth already had a double chin.

French wants to know if we have a problem with information. In days past, we could rely on information in encyclopedias. Now with Google being most people’s source of instant info, it is far more difficult to interpret what is good info or not. To me it comes down to critical thinking. Has this surpassed communication as being the most important tool for survival?

Jamie Mack has been having many fatherly conversations recently. Specifically, one about the value of the penis. How should a young man value their penis in modern times? Men seem to score so low on the value system these days. However, you can’t set your son up to be a simp. So how do you prepare them for the onslaught?

Value of the D #TNNS692

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