Vaginal Muscle Confusion #TNNS462

Jaye Smooth takes a break from transgender awareness to submit a topic about politics. But not before admitting to smashing one of the largest girls in our graduating class. Shouts out to Big Linette. Back to the topics, even though he still receives his monthly disability check from the military, he wants to pick on people that are not receiving paychecks in the government.

Reggy has learned a secret about women. Are you ready to hear the secret? He learned that if you sex them good enough, they will do things for you. How old is this guy? He has learned a technique where you trick the vaginal wall muscles. If you hadn't started to question his rampage last year, you will begin to on this epsiode.

Plus Mack and I further ruffle the feathers by comparing our two Jaye Smooths. Whose Jaye Smooth do you think is better?


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