Vacationing In The Third World #TNNS492

Jamie Mack had an epiphany about racism. He sees nothing wrong with people liking people they look like and not liking people that look differently. Jaye Smooth is indifferent, but admits that he only reads books with pictures. Euthanasia, anyone?

Have you visited a third world country recently? Most people have. In fact, some of our finest vacation locations are are located in third world countries. In fact, Kit and I have plans to visit The DR this year. Do we have an affinity for seeing poor people while we waste money on all-inclusive resorts?

Everyone knows that black people are the original people, right? If you don't know that, visit Black Twitter for the human timeline. Okay, so we are the original man...please look up Lucy. Then join us for another feather-ruffling good time episode.


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