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Underage On The Main Stage #BOBS036

Black On Both Sides
Underage On The Main Stage #BOBS036

Episode #36

Kunta is mad because Marvel doesn’t care about black people. But wait…What about Black Panther? What about Wakanda? Doesn’t matter they cast Captain Marvel as a white woman even though she should have been black and Kunta is ready to have a sit-in. In other caucasian news, a woman is the victim of cosmic karma when she tried to get a selfie up close and personal near the jaguar cage. Yep, her arm. Luckily she survived to be a not so morbid lesson to anyone wishing to challenge death.

R Kelly is out on bail…AGAIN. Apparently, the “broke” entertainer found yet another woman or group of women to rescue him from the system. IF all of these women keep coming to his aid, isn’t it time we start questioning the people speaking ill of him? I mean, all of these wealthy women couldn’t be wrong.

Speaking of wrong…Gayle passes the torch over the persecution wall to her partner Oprah who is providing a platform to the recently outraged MJ “victims”. Are these two plotting something? MJ has had his music stripped from radio stations across Canada and New Zealand.

Robert Kraft doesn’t so kids…but slaves are a go. Funny how the owner of the spas has been seen palling it up with trump and Kraft. Operative? Kunta thinks so.

Manafort gets 75% less than the sentence guideline for his role in treason. Meanwhile, Jussie gets charge with 16 felonies. The world ain’t fair.

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