Ugly and Unapologetic

Ugly and Unapologetic

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Ugly and Unapologetic

The No Nonsense Show Episode #636

When was throat sex invented? Who is to say that it may not have been the first choice of prehistoric diddling? Why is this how we start the show? It was someone’s bright idea to have adult video playing on the big screen while we record.

Smooth actually goes on record for liking white women over black women. And he thinks that when it comes to anal sex women are like coffee…half and half.

If black is magic (at least for women), what is unapologetically black? This is like black super hero status. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Jamie Mack introduces us to a new dating app called BLK where one of the main points of being a member is that you can be unapologetically black on this app.

Jaye Smooth downloads it and starts us on the journey of “ugly and unapologetic”. If this app is a sign of what the movement has to offer, good luck getting it off of the ground. And honestly, would you want to be with a woman that says she is unapologetic as an attribute?

At some point in this show I think French Reggy cures gay.

I want to discuss the economy and how we can best stimulate it. It doesn’t deal with trickle down. It doesn’t deal with bailing out banks. It doesn’t deal with giving a COVID check to middle and lower class Americans. It has to do with the most simple thing in the world. Knowing where to spend your money.

Ugly and Unapologetic #TNNS636

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