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Twizzle, Love, and Kit

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Twizzle, Love, and Kit

The No Nonsense Show Episode #655

What’s better than us having one guest? How about 3!!! Jaye Smooth and French Reggy are out sick and we bring in some talent for an action packed show. Kit joins us for the fun. We bring in Twan Twizzle and A-Love to set the new year off right.

The first show of 2021 and I am giving up black businesses as my New Year’s resolution. In 2020 Kit and I chose to support our brethren for all of our house upgrades. So now, I am choosing to not.

We bring the music trivia back to see if anyone can topple the champion!

Happy Birthday to the homie, Twan Twizzle. We interrupt his birthday celebration to have him call in and get his birthday praise.

Jamie Mack wants to make a full swap swinger party happen. Luckily for me, my wife is on the show tonight. So when he asks my wife which celebrity couple she would full swap with, I get to find out who’s face she imagines when we have sex. This is how A-Love gets on the show. I can’t let my feelings be hurt alone.

Toxic relationships are everywhere. But why do we keep getting in and staying in these things? Men say that a crazy woman is great in bed. Is this the same for crazy men?

Twizzle, Love, and Kit #TNNS655

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