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Turning Down Russian Prostitutes

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Turning Down Russian Prostitutes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #607

French Reggy thinks his circular head is perfect. This is what allows him to wear a hat with no bill. So what allows him to wear plated gold? Can people that aren’t originally from this country get away with plated gold?

Jamie Mack is having difficulty dealing with the people that have become hypnotized by the 24 hour news machine. In his recent visit to Cali, everyone is stuck to their televisions. Not just that, EVERYONE is wearing a mask. The level of terror has reached critical mass.

French Reggy wants Kit to send back her bed from Wayfair because it has been alleged that they are involved in a sex trafficking ring. Speaking of forced sexual experiences, French visited Russia while overseas. He witnessed many Russian women being led to a container on a pier. He didn’t intervene because he was in a distant land with no backup. The bartender noticed his discomfort and offered to get him a woman to smooth him out. He declined.

Kit joins us to battle Jamie Mack in TNNS Trivia and discusses why she will not be returning her bed.

Turning Down Russian Prostitutes #TNNS607

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