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Black On Both Sides
Trumpy Balboa

Black On Both Sides Episode #114

Just because you go viral and are thrust onto the world stage does not mean you are ready for the spotlight. Tessica shows us that there is a difference between being a content creator and being famous. She posted a dance solo dance routine that would have had Boom-Kack kicking her off of the Diddy show.

Tiger ruins his legs and manages to jump a barrier and crash uphill all without even considering pressing the breaks. LA County rules it a simple accident with no DU, DW, or any other kind of I.

2021 is the kind of year that allows someone to vilify baby reveals. How dare you straight…I mean cis gendered people force a gender on a helpless baby?

There will be no 15 dollar minimum wage mandate for you liberals. In fact, Georgia is still under 8 dollars. Take that newly blue state liberal.

Trump was the keynote speaker at CPAC. Yep, that is real. And he is awarded a golden trophy of himself with a business suit up top and Rocky Balboa boxing shorts down below. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Trumpy Balboa #BOBS114

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