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Trick Or Trash #MLL005

Music Love Life
Trick Or Trash #MLL005

Episode #5

Kevin, B-Honest, & Christal collectively suck at Halloween but at least Kevin tries.

B-Honest and Christal agree that his past rendition of Dave Chapelle as Rick James was a hit. Kevin still wants dollars from everyone that think he looks like Dave Chappelle or the lawyer dude on Power.

Christal tries to prove men’s inability to please their mate results in less sex and a backed up prostate. B Honest counters her argument claiming women bring more trash to the bedroom, but he still won’t get his prostate checked unless his doctor is a petite Asian woman with tiny fingers.

He also isn’t buying the idea that Cardi B is to 2017 what the Beatles were to the 60’s. He wants her Rolling Stone cover rescinded.

Christal points out Kevin’s hypocrisy at shaving his head but not his beard for no shave November.

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