Treat Em Like They Look #TNNS382

Episode #382
Jaye Smooth leads off the show talking about Jamie Mack and his new look. In fact, he brings it to everyone's attention that he got his shirt and tie in a bag. Either way, Mack is smooth and Jaye can't have that. It doesn't take him long to bring it back to his phallus. He impresses French Reggy into asking questions about his niceness.
Jamie Mack all dressed up makes him wonder if we judge people based on the way they dress. Of course, we do. I don't have time to wait to learn more about them before judgment. Being honest, I give a person about 10 seconds. In fact, that is being modest. Probably more like 5. I have already judged you and will decide how to treat you based on those 5 seconds.

This conversation is just in time for Starbucks calling the police on two men. Of course, these men were black. So, of course, it was racist. Well maybe not. And far be it for us to not weigh all of the details. Don't worry, Mack doesn't fire up the coon train....


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