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Top Five Rappers, Movies, Shows, And Comedians #TNNS43

In all of Jaye Smooth’s ignorance, I would never expect him to not see the value in Chris Rock’s new movie Top Five. But, he starts the pre-show off arguing with B Honest about how awful the movie was. It spills over into the intro.

This leads the show towards listing the top fives from several categories. I don’t want to spoil anything but you already know That Jaye Smooth’s favorite movie is any one of the fifteen Fast and The Furious endeavors.

Jamie Mack has a bit of both worlds by including movie classics and fast-paced action flicks. According to Jaye, B Honest picks the most intellectually boring movies possible. But of course, this figures.

In any event, the show is not too serious and lots of fun....


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