Too Old For A Role Model #TNNS475

Episode #475

Jamie Mack tells everyone why we missed a week's worth of shows last week. We pride ourselves on not missing any shows. And short of disease, we never do. I said disease. I will let him tell you the cause. Meanwhile, Jaye Smooth has never had chicken pox and self examines for hemorrhoids.

Jamie Mack is not buying the NZ shooter thing as just being a terror attack. Why would everyone give up their guns after just one attack? How is this not counterproductive? If someone shoot at my house, I carry my guns down to my local precinct?

Jamie Mack wants to know if having someone look up to you also makes you look down on them. Isn't it impossible to look down and straight across? I feel like only a d-hole would use the respect someone is giving them against them. And isn't there a max age on having role models? How do you look being 40 years old wishing you were like someone else? Give up. By this point, you are who you will always be,


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