Too Much Talking, Not Enough Sex

Too Much Talking, Not Enough Sex

The No Nonsense Show Episode #637

It’s Jamie Mack’s fault. When I asked if we should shut off the adult channels, he said NOOOOO. So, more porncasting. No matter which channel I changed to, Mack knew a little about what we were seeing.

Even though he knows family porn doesn’t actually have family members casted, he still has a problem. We figured out why…this is because he watches the dialogue at the beginning of the videos.


Who does that?

My joint is not intellectual. It’s socially awkward.

This is why Mack knows all of the stars' names. He knows the storylines and the set up. Too much talking for me. Fast forward...skip...still talking?

French thinks that people should keep their kinks private. You should never have to see a man being walked like a dog in a grocery store. Mack feels like anything other than heterosexual should not be exploited for public consumption.

Did you know that HIV/AIDS was cured? While the world is getting up to the minute coverage of Trump’s Tweets, people are being cured of the world’s diseases. Did anyone say No Condom?

Too Much Talking, Not Enough Sex #TNNS637

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