You are currently viewing To Avoid Police Brutality, Play Dead #TNNS88 with guests Kit and AD

To Avoid Police Brutality, Play Dead #TNNS88 with guests Kit and AD

Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlyn
Eric Casebolt and the Pool Party
Baron Davis bringing Jherri curls back

We start the show off talking about Bruce Gender and his transformation to Caitlyn. But in the middle of all this transformation, Akon is transforming lives in another way. He is working on a program to provide 600 million Africans with solar energy. The only way he got any media is by trashing Caitlyn Jenner and calling him/her a science experiment. Can you guess why this isn’t news?

Next we discuss the situation in Texas involving the teenagers that went to the pool party and were accosted by Officer Eric Casebolt. It is amazing how people are still shocked by the brutality. Jamie Mack comes from left field blaming almost everyone except the officer.

Last we discuss Baron Davis and why he decided to bring the jheri curl back. He got on TV yesterday and showed the world his curl. Of course we must punish Jamie Mack considering he is from Socal also....


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