BTG 4 Nonsense #TNNS444

Episode #444

Jaye Smooth is on vacation, but the show must go on. After all of these episodes, I can't believe we have never had Baylor The Great on the show as a cohost. Well, today is the day. BTG phones in and fills the Smooth shoes. Jamie Mack feels like he does a better job than you know who...

To kick it off Jamie Mack gives our President props for knowing the true hearts of men. The good citizens of Tijuana are not playing that Caravan stuff. They are personally willing to stop this thing in its tracks. Cue theTrump haters to discredit everything...including the recent prison reform. Oh well, I can't make you see the truth if you don't want to see it at all. 

If your boss flirts with you, do you allow it to happen in order to help your chances of getting a promotion? Women do it all the time. What if your boss was a gay man? You flirting back? Mack gave his "homeboy" advice that he should play along until it gets saucy. But what if it is too late at that point?


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