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…Til The Cops Stop Coppin’

Black On Both Sides
...Til The Cops Stop Coppin'

Black On Both Sides Episode #88

KingKunta3X is tired of seeing Happy Father’s Day posts to mothers. Can the brothers get their day? Probably not. On BOBS, dads get a day!

Juneteenth Day vs MLK Birthday! What are you picking?

John Legend vs Alicia Keys! Who are you picking?

KK3X is also picking Jamie Foxx over everybody black when it comes to acting. Whereas I agree that Eric Bishop is probably the most talented black entertainer, I don’t think he is the best actor. Either way, I do plan on lining up for the Mike Tyson movie that Jamie will be method acting.

Atlanta police are walking off of the job. Our opinions differ greatly on the validity of the cops’ arguments. At some point we either have to let police officers do their job or they may decide to stop doing it. fair or unfair? Imagine you are in your bedroom doing the do. You favorite Maxwell slow jam is playing, and you are putting it all the way down. The only problem is you don’t know when to stop. Under normal circumstances, it would be til the cops come knockin’. But today it is different. They aren’t coming. The walked off the job! Now yo have to just stop on your own.

Trump moved the date of his Juneteenth rally opener in Tulsa. Between that move, Corona, and his all around general dislike by more and more Americans, he only had 6,000 supporters show up. I see this as a win. Maybe, just maybe, if people get up and vote…*Whispering* We can get him the F%^$ out of the office!

…Til The Cops Stop Coppin#BOBS088

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