Til’ Mild Inconvenience Do Us Part #TNNS368

Episode #368

Jamie Mack is still looking for his spare tire. So we bring in a spare host. The lovely, magnificent Kit joins us for some unadulterated crass fun. She never lets us down. And the show gets an extended version of Pillow Talk.

Jaye Smooth decided to watch a made for BET movie. Don't expect him to know the names of any actors...Or even the name of the movie to be honest. Eventually, he gets to it (long, long time later). During wedding vows, should the participants still say Til' Death Do Us Part? He feels like the high rate of divorces, we should just hang in there as long as we can. No pressure.He doesn't even think that in sickness and in health is viable any longer.

We ease into a battle of the sexes conversation about women wanting more in the relationship. It doesn't seem possible for women to "just date". Even if they say they are willing, a good orgasm changes the game. Kit wants everyone to know that women are dirtbags just like guys. It turns out that women just want sex too. **Sarcasm**...


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