Til Death Do Us Part…Well Maybe Not Death #TNNS289

Til Death Do Us Part…Well Maybe Not Death #TNNS289

Jamie Mack wants to test our love for our wives. When we marry, the terms are “til death do us part”. But how down are we really? Are we staying through any mishap or negligence? For instance, if science fiction were true and scientists could place the mind and spirit of your recently killed wife in another vessel, are we going to work it out? Jamie Mack is willing to do this even if they have no female bodies to transfer to. He is willing to place his name on the female waiting list and accept a male vessel while he waits. No sir.

But seriously, what are we willing to exist through under the ideal of “til death do us part”?

Free nights and weekends was obviously a sales ploy from our cell phone companies. Phone calls don't cost more in the daytime. Electricity doesn’t cost less at night. And Buy one get one half off, is probably not a good deal unless you were already planning on getting two of that item. We are constantly bombarded with sales ploys. We want to help you not get that store card when they offer you 10% off today’s purchase.

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