Thumb Suckers Don’t Give Good Head #TNNS180

Thumb Suckers Don’t Give Good Head #TNNS180

Thumb Suckers Don’t Give Good Head #TNNS180

Oldest strippers in Atlanta
Too young for weave
Adults who suck their thumbs

Jaye Smooth took a trip to the worst strip club in Atlanta this weekend and came back to the show wanting to share. During his visit, he met the oldest strippers in the game. Oddly enough one of the oldest was not willing to get fully naked. She kept teasing the crowd. I would think by this time in a strippers life, they would be bored of the games and just come out naked. Jaye Smooth says that most of them must have been stripping for fun. He spent no money and apparently neither did anyone else. He wants to ask us if we think there should be a cutoff age for strippers. The consensus is that as long as you get tips, you can strip.

While at this club Jaye Smooth had a Corona with a watermelon slice in it. We carry this into a discussion about which beer is the worst. Natural Light and Heineken win.

How young is too young to let your daughter wear weave? Jamie Mack witnessed a 5 year old while on his cruise that had hair down to her butt. What about braids? Is it okay to have weave braids? Jaye Smooth’s daughter has been getting braids every summer since she could walk. My daughters have definitely tricked me into getting weave very early in their life.

I use this opportunity to shame every woman that is not willing to show off her natural hair and feels the need to hide behind her weave or wig. Some feelings will probably be hurt. But sometimes we need to hurt. Our exception is if everyone agrees that your hair is pitiful, we will chip in to get you weave.

Unbelievably, Both my co-hosts would date a chick that sucks her thumb. There is no possible way that I can take a woman who sucks her thumb seriously. In my opinion, there is not an age where sucking any part of your hand is acceptable. And how can you get a good seal on oral sex if your teeth have been pushed up and out by your thumb for many years?...


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