Through Jamie Mack’s Stomach #TNNS473

Episode #473

French Reggy has departed to China and we have to balance the stool without him. We wish you luck Reggy and wish you prosperity until you return.

Do the homeless murder innocent people. There are a lot of fake news stories floating around. A man and his daughter murdered his wife and blamed it on vagrants. 2019 may be the year of the lie. Make a name for yourself and lie for likes.

Mack is having some trouble at work. He may have been too nice to a gay man and now has the man sniffing around for some more attention. Full transparency, the guy now has his number and they hang out at work. All of this because of Mack's greedy stomach. Is there a line to being too nice? So if men are blamed for being "thirsty" for women and want every woman they encounter...what happens when it is man on man? Keep the same energy.


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