Theyby Trippin’

Theyby Trippin'

Episode #543 Did we ruin a podcast? Have we made them quit podcasting? Nope, Smooth to the rescue. I wonder what we could get for Smooth in a trade?

Mack tried the chicken sandwich at Popeyes and had flames for everyone co-signing it. How is it that they have gotten so many people to fall for the hype? Smooth is the only one of us that hasn’t tried it. 

Do you have any interest in raising a theby? Some parents want to give their child the opportunity to choose how they identify. Even our black celebrities have joined the party. How do you feel about forcing the issue? If you don’t help a child with his identity, will they have one at all? What the hell is the point of having a history if it doesn’t shape your future?

Theyby Trippin’ #TNNS543

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