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They Put The L In InteLligence

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
They Put The L In InteLligence

The No Nonsense Show Episode #761

Jamie Mack loves his dentist. He tries to tell us that this dentist is the greatest of all time because he works in a way that causes absolutely no pain to his patients. Cap!

French thinks that Mack is on the spectrum. Is this news? We knew that Mack was a little off. And this is not just because of the ADHD.

But most importantly, the other hosts use this show to exclude me from the intelligentsia. French brings a Lauren Hill clip where she talks about new experiences. And somehow we travel to a conversation about fasting. i couldn’t take it anymore and had to resist the fake fasting trend programming. They form an alliance of intelligence to shame me on not fitting in to the matrix. They were sitting in an L shape and thus the title was spawned.

They Put The L In InteLligence #TNNS761

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