The Women I Forgot I Had Sex With #TNNS317

The Women I Forgot I Had Sex With #TNNS317

I remember Jamie Mack telling me that I was wrong for writing people off based on my first encounter with them. So in normal B Honest fashion, I double down. I still believe that my discernment allows me to know fairly early if someone is full of it or not. Where this really comes into play is when dealing with gut reactions. Speaking of guts, did you know that the lining of your intestines serves as a second brain? This is what I am talking about on this episode…how to train yourself to listen to your enteric nervous system just as you would the brain in your skull.

Jamie Mack is continuing his evolution towards being a good guy. One of his conflicts is having a tendency to want to be violent when the situation calls for it. Does that make him a bad person? Does violence automatically mean bad?

Jaye Smooth has forgotten how many women he has been with. Jaye Smooth has also forgotten the names and memory of some women he has been with. Unfortunately, my skeletons show a little as well. I know there are at least two women that I don’t remember at all. They could walk right by me and I wouldn’t know to speak. How common is this for guys?

French Reggy is on a warpath to piss women off. But not your ordinary Stepford wife. He only aims at the progressives. Why don’t they know their place? Butterfly ends up having to be the representative for all women on this topic....


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