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The Weakest Haitian Link

The No Nonsense Show Episode #590

French Reggy wants to talk about breaking up. There are a few different types of guys. The ones that cheat. The one's that ghost. In my case, there are the ones that are considerate of your feelings but will let you know where the relationship stands. Which one are you?

Jamie Mack spent too much time on the internet and ran across a 6 year old that makes millions on Youtube reviewing toys. He is wondering if this type of kid gets to write his own check around the house? How do you discipline a kid that has made more this year than you have in your whole life?

The resident feminist has learned that women are the most educated group of people on the planet. So in a Reggy type of way, he wonders how they are still getting less than on the pay scale? I love women. So I am willing to tell them straight. You don't own you make less. Just as women are the majority when it comes to graduate level studies, men are the majority when it comes to entrepreneurship.

That being said, French Reggy tries to blast on his family. But with a family full of strong women it is clear that he is the weakest link.

Then we inserted a little Quesdtion The Nonsense

The Weakest Haitian Link #TNNS590

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