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The Way A Man Holds You

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
The Way A Man Holds You

The No Nonsense Show Episode #605

Just before we started recording, Smooth gives me a new nickname. Well, it is kind of like a pet name. Again, it is not comfortable or acceptable for a man to give another man a pet name.

The Reese from Shoot From The Hip Show joins us for our trivia segment. He comes on stating that he is a Smoothie. Are you wondering how this plays out?

Jaye Smooth shows us a picture of a woman he is interested in. She is pretty, but potentially could be a man. French Reggy has a fool proof way to determine if a woman used to be a man. One of those ways is by the way he holds you. Don’t ask…just listen.

French Reggy is wondering if white people are really as scared as they are showing that they are. Jumping out of cars with pistols drawn is certainly evidence that some people are overdoing their safety. However, Regg has a tweet of a sign that someone posted in Arizona. This sign is telling white people to shoot a black person on sight. Meh…

I have to stop watching movies late at night. My mind went on a rollercoaster ride the another night and I ended up in the simulation. I believe it is very possible that we are in a simulation. If a tree falls in the woods, will Smooth ever get his Sh*% together?

The Way A Man Holds You #TNNS605

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