The Ultimate Man

The Ultimate Man

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
The Ultimate Man

The No Nonsense Show Episode #679

Jamie Mack has a condition. I truly believe this now. I support and vouch for him that he cannot help it. He happened to be in the neighborhood on Sunday during the Hawks Game 7 stomping of the Sixers and decided to stop by. I was in the process of getting an in-house tattoo. He saw that I was in pain and decided to engage me in conversation. Meanwhile I am trying to disengage so that I can zone out. He tries harder and harder and harder until I have to yell at him to get him to leave me alone. Did I mention he was smiling ear to ear? Did I mention that he says the he is jealous that I am in so much pain? Like I said…CONDITION.

The same condition will not allow him to let French Reggy get a break from last week’s monumental show ending topic. The topic where French Reggy’s woman loving ended when he could no longer cape for women’s accomplishments. He finally found where men can dominate women unequivocally. Mack wanted a redress. He got no such thing. In fact, Reggy came up with a new label for what he considers Ultimate Men.

The Ultimate Man #TNNS679

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