The Teenage Man of the House Tragedy #TNNS496

Episode #496

Jaye smooth has an axe to grind with Jamie Mac. It’s been a long time since the two of them argued this aggressively. Turns out, Smooth was harboring something from earlier in the night..

Instagram models are out here changing their bodies, in some cases in extreme ways. Renée Zellweger became a whole different person. Is it Okay for your wife to leave the house one way and come home as a different person? A new body. A new face. Ridiculous.

Jaye Smooth's oldest is going through some growing pains. He is at the age where society thinks he should have it all together. What is the cutoff for living at home with no job? Pay some bills? How about being the man of the house? This drives me crazy. We feel that a young man should rise to the occasion of the failed relationships of the mom. So because you don't have a man, I am the man of the house???


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