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The Sun And My Mind Are In Concert

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
The Sun And My Mind Are In Concert

The No Nonsense Show Episode #646

Jaye Smooth has been thinking this whole time that we all believed French Reggy’s stories. No sir. We let French tell stories because we are entertained. It is comforting that Jamie Mack can let French tell his stories without fact checking each line.

We may have convinced Smooth to take DMT. We may have to pay per view that joint. Who is willing to tune in?

French Reggy wants to look at relationships from a different perspective. But is the perspective we need to see that he has no girlfriend? Smooth definitely thinks French is up to something. No IG posts in forever. Yet French still posts. Then he claims that he doesn’t post. I happen to have seen some of Reggy’s affirmations posts. I remember one about the sun and his mind working in concert.

He brings a clip of a woman who thinks that people need to know what they are getting into when asking someone to be faithful. You need to be whatever that person needs in order to request monogamy.

Somehow we get into a cuckold conversation.

The Sun And My Mind Are In Concert #TNNS646

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