The Smooth Narcissist #TNNS380

Episode #380

Jaye Smooth is back and he and French Reggy need to figure out who speaks worse English. Obviously, it's the French guy. But Jaye Smooth is not far behind. Jaye Smooth tells us that he just needed a break and took PTO from work to relax and recharge. He claims that he went to Florida by himself.  We have proof that all of his pictures were not selfies. But he enjoyed his time "alone". One of the more controversial pictures he sent us was one of his tongue on vacation. His tongue is disgusting. Bumps, lumps, and fissures.

French Reggy wants to talk about mental illness. Before we can get into this, we recognize the person on the show with a true mental illness. Jaye Smooth is absolutely a narcissist.We went through every attribute and Smooth fit the bill each time. Sadly, I think he is happy about that....


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