The Slippery Slope To Having Sex With Your Twin #TNNS347

Episode #347

Jaye Smooth has been having a lot of trouble with the areas below his belt. This time it is on the backside. His anal muscles are giving out on him. Poots turn into more. Don't worry though, he recently learned that his issues may simply be his love of Mello Yellow.

Jaye Smoth relaxed his muscle and relaxed it a little too much. This leads me to wonder what else he has relaxed his muscle for. Organically this leads to Jamie Mack illegally administering steroids to another mans but. Again, organically, we learn that Jamie Mack also fingered a guy's butt before. But it was for medical reasons so?NOT GAY.

Jaye Smooth witnessed a butch looking woman in a relationship with a man. He is wondering how this works. We have had this talk before. There was an early episode of a woman that basically identified as a man. She even looked like a man, but she got pregnant. Uhh Ohh. But wait is that gay? Once again, organically, we end up creating a list for what is gay. Jaye Smooth would not help his twin out with an impacted poo poo, to top it off.

French Reggy follows that up with a serious talk about slavery in Libya and the anarchy that surrounds it. Far be it for Mack and Smooth to let Reggy be serious. Another slippery slope and we are making fun of slaves and disfigured but needy white supremacist kids.



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