You are currently viewing The Secret Life Of B #TNNS196 with O Dubb

The Secret Life Of B #TNNS196 with O Dubb

The Secret Life Of B #TNNS196 with O Dubb

Jaye Smooth hijacks the beginning of the show to request congratulations for his son graduating. One more black man that has beaten some of the odds to finish. Shout out to little Jaye Smooth.

Jamie Mack had a bad Uber. The rider had a dog with a drooling problem. I have always said that dogs aren’t people and therefore should not be riding in cars in the first place. No Clothes; No footies; No premium dog food; No conversations like they are kids; In fact after O Dubb talks about his pit bulls, I think I have figured out a solution to the city’s burdening orphan problem.

Our first topic was actually about having a quick temper and flashing on people who piss you off. But after traveling to Virginia with Jaye Smooth last week, I realize that my anger may not be my fault. I was tested on by the military. One of our friends there has been having the same issues I have had since being forced to take a series of Anthrax shots while enlisted. Being a test dummy infuriates me. But now at least I know why I get angry and forget most of the things I learn.

Next, Jamie Mack hates technology. He sent a group of nasty text messages to his wife that were intercepted by his daughter. Bad part is the daughter didn’t fess up. So Mack has been walking around thinking his sexual text party was being ignored by his wife. His daughter recently let him know that he is a dirtbag and that he needs to stop texting her mom like that.

I don't think I could surprise my kids. They have pretty much heard it all. I do think that a penis pic would turn the world upside down, though.

Jaye Smooth thinks it is easier to cheat in a relationship where the woman trusts you. Is this surprising? He wants to discuss the limits of freedom. I am not really sure how he carried it to a place of jealousy. But what it turns out to be is him being jealous of my ability to be faithful in relationships. He claims that I am living this secret life of infidelity and that I am just as bad as every other man in the world. Does he not realize that his accusations are just putting up a mirror on what he is?...


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