The Power Of Weakness #B4P045

The Power Of Weakness #B4P045

The Power Of Weakness #B4P045
BTG For President

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Episode #45

I suffered two anxiety attacks in one week. The weakness I felt overpowered my confidence as a man, husband, father, and human being. Once I figured out the root of it all, I knew I had to attack back. There’s plenty of reasons why I should be happy. I just need to make sure I don’t forget it. Communication is key and will always open to door to better options.

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  1. LB313

    Great ep, appreciate you sharing.
    I wonder if you ever look at those moments as Mind over matter instances to help get out of them. Aside from any instance where its due to what you are facing at the moment of course. I agree talking can help, anything to touch base w/reality and push past it.
    Related to your daughter’s situation, my son had inguinal hernia surgery at 18months, emergency situation and I was very ucooperative for a moment, crying is an understatement. Surgeon had to literally draw the procedure out on the bed sheets for me. Not proud but regret nothing, my son is fine. Never change and stay positive, we know you got this.

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